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Bergerac, Cahors, Jurancon, Madiran & Pacherenc - Jewels of Southwest France

The south-west of France has such unique grape varieties and styles offering remarkable value to wine drinkers from these less famous and almost forgotten corners of France.

Cahors has remarkable history and is all about Malbec for the red wines, sometimes with small quantities of Tannat and Merlot. To taste the wines from the vats and barrels of Cedre is an experience that cant be forgotten, the vivid mulberry scented fruit is so bright and deep and is guaranteed to stain your tongue and lips as much as if you had raided a mulberry tree yourself. These wines bring just as much pleasure as raiding mulberries...

Jurancon in the foothills of the Pyrenees is home to a number of grape varieties that are rarely found elsewhere and the wines produced here as equally as rare and exotic. The coolness that comes from the hills manifests in the grapes and wines giving bright acidity to the wines resulting in wines of exotic perfume and great freshness and verve - unique.

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